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I am 40... Healthy, Happy and Excited to face many more decades.

So I did it, I made it to 40 years old. Here I sit, healthier than I have ever been, stable, hardly any complaints, old...Dear Lawd, have I aged. What I love most about this moment is, I am happy, content and alive!To my 14-year-old self - You will love snowstorms, winter rain, and white Christmases. To my 18 year-old-self - That number doesn't make you mature, your experiences will open your eyes to the world around you. It will be beautiful!To my 21 year-old-self - I am so proud of you — your drive to live independently, your apartment, living on your own - no roommate, a two bedroom, fully furnished apartment, managing a cosmetic counter at The Bay after college, working your way up. You

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