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PODCAST: Caribbean Storytime

It has been a hectic October month thus far - but one of my best!!! This year, I released Sweet Sorrel Stand and it is a success. Please visit your local Toronto Library to find copies of all my Children's books. Thank you all for the support! A Different Booklist, Amazon, Indigo book stores and Barnes and Noble stores - Thanks to all who purchased their copies. My family and friends have been so supportive. A special appreciation to my cousin, Collin Yearwood who encouraged me to step up my game extra hard this year! Thanks to him, I am now the host of Caribbean Storytime!

Caribbean Storytime will feature compelling Caribbean Authors around the world, Educators, Parents, Caribbean Storytellers, Artists, Books, Recipes and many more subjects of importance to the Caribbean diaspora.

"Reading with Miles" will entertain your kids and offer a glimpse into my daily ritual with my book loving toddler.

These last three months of the year will be my best, most liberating time of 2018. Stay tune, as 2019 will reveal a major project I signed off on. While the ink dries on that "Win", tune into Caribbean Storytime and get acquainted with many other Caribbean Authors/Illustrators!

Caribbean Storytime is available on all major Podcast platforms!


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